Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro Hard Ground Pegs (20)

Product Code: 99032510200
  • £14.16
  • Fantastic holding capability with the piledriver pin.
  • Ideal for hard ground.
  • Thick steel peg with corkscrewed shaft for extra grip.
  • Peg length 20.5cms
  • Heavy duty plastic head
  • Fantastic on grass and hardstanding
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Recycled plastic case and peg top that can be recycled again and again!
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Blue Diamond’s super tough twenty-centimetre Boxed Pile Driver Pro Peg steel hard ground tent pegs are engineered for effortless insertion into grass or hardstanding, employing a pile driver pin to deliver an outstanding holding capacity, that surpasses any available alternatives. Each individual peg utilizes a heavy-duty plastic head, which is ergonomically designed to firmly secure guylines, as well as a corkscrewed shaft for maximum grip. These accessories are packed inside a robust plastic storage case to effectively safeguard all twenty pegs against dirt or damage, whilst ensuring ease of transportation to the campsite.