Campingaz Powerbox Plus 24L Te Cooler 12V

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  • £41.66

The Powercold® Plus Te 24L Cooler is 30% more insulated than its predecessors. Your food and drinks remain 20°C below the outside temperature. The upgraded fan is extremely quiet and will not wake you at its maximum of 39dB (for comparison: in a quiet library about 40dB) at night.

The antimicrobial protection reduces the formation of odor, fungi and mold and is a part of the interior lining. Thus, the effect can not be worn or weakened over the life of the box.

Due to both the optimized shape and the thick polypropylene sleeve, the Powercold® Plus Te 24L Cooling Box will stay cold for hours even when not in use.

With a tough outer shell and packed with premium PU insulation, this cooler will keep your contents fresh all day long! The convenient bail handle design makes transportation a breeze no matter how much content you put in your cooler. Recommended for use with Campingaz Freez’Packs®. 

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 > Freeze Guard - an integrated sensor protects cooler contents from being frozen
 > Battery Saver - an electronic chip senses when a battery does not have enough charge to start ignition and shuts off power to the TE Cooler
 > Excellent Energy Rating - A++ energy efficiency rating
 > New Hinged Lids and Wide Lid Opening - snug fit handle for convenient storage
 > Click 'n Lock - lid emits clicking sound when closing for reassurance
 > Antimicrobial lining that resists odor, mold & mildew! 

Technical Specs
 > 24L capacity thermoelectric cooler 
 > 20⁰C Delta-T - cools down 20 degrees versus outside ambient temperature (tested at ambient 32⁰C) 
 > 12V (DC) cord and plug - easily removable and stored inside the cooler during non-use 
 > Made in Italy