Like our 3-4 berth tent range our 5 to 6 man tent range covers quite a cross-section of models. Usually they are taller. larger tents that can be stood up in with ease and usually feature a large living area. Depending on the style of tent you are looking at this could be at the front of the tent – on a tunnel tent design or central to the tent with bedrooms either side (vis-à-vis) model. All tents within the 5 man range will sleep 5 people. but will confortably suit 4 people with ample luggage and living space

You can choose between Quick Erect Tents (the fastest on the market). Inflatable Air Tents or traditional Pole and Sleeve tents. Featuring tents from brands such as Khyam. Vango. Coleman. Kampa. Sunncamp and Outdoor Revolution. Quick Erect Tents - Khyam is the market leader in the field. quick erect means the poles stay attached to the tent at all times. with folding knuckle joints to erect and pack away the tent. These tents are very robust and will last a long time. if you want extra space you can buy various extensions and annexes for this range. Inflatable tents - Made very popular from brands such as Vango with their Airbeam technology. these tents have no poles (some feature poles for canopies) and are simply pegged on the corners and inflated. Most come with a hand stirrup pump and pressure gauge but make it even easier by purchasing a high pressure 12v electric pump. Pole and Sleeve Tents - Traditional Steel pole or fibre glass poles. these tents take a little longer to set up but are often alot stronger and more robust in bad weather. Most of these larger tents feature Sewn in Groundsheets. Electric Cable Entry. Tent Tidy or Pockets and removable or rollable inner tent dividers. Most tents also have mosquito fly nets. Privacy Curtains and plenty of ventilation to make you holiday as comfortable as possible.

Picture of Woburn 500 Herbal Tent dimensions of Woburn 500 Herbal
RRP £270.00 £195.00
RRP £669.98 £329.99
Picture of Hayling 6 Tent dimensions of Hayling 6
RRP £499.99 £399.99
Picture of Croyde 6 Tent dimensions of Croyde 6
RRP £687.50 £549.99
RRP £800.00 £699.99
Picture of Hayling 6 AIR Pro Tent dimensions of Hayling 6 AIR Pro
RRP £999.99 £799.99
RRP £1,399.99 £999.99

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