Our range of 3-4 berth tents includes a large selection of three and four man tents from some of the biggest tent brands. Including some of the best Touring and Weekend tents from Khyam. Vango. Kampa and Coleman.

Three man tents can be popular amongst couples that are looking for a little extra space when they go camping. After all it is nice to have some extra space for that luggage! (Or to have some extra space as a living area) A lot of touring and small weekend tents fall into the category of three to four man tents.

Designed to accommodate four people. our range of 4 man tents covers quite a variety of tents. From compact backpacking and touring tents like the Vango Beta 450 to larger 4 man family tents that you can comfortably walk around in. which are ideal for longer stay holidays. A popular Vango family tent is the Marano 400 or the Quick Erect Khyam Chatsworth Plus

RRP £100.00 £90.00
RRP £170.00 £130.00
Picture of Freelander Tent dimensions of Freelander
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RRP £384.99 £319.99
RRP £449.99 £399.99
Picture of Solaris 400 Herbal
RRP £450.00 £400.00
RRP £600.00 £499.99
Picture of Chatsworth Plus Tent dimensions of Chatsworth Plus
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RRP £949.99 £599.99
Picture of Hayling 4 AIR Pro Tent dimensions of Hayling 4 AIR Pro
RRP £812.50 £649.99
Picture of AeroTech Nevada 4
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RRP £1,299.99 £999.99
Picture of Driveaway XC Tent dimensions of Driveaway XC
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RRP £699.99 £519.99
RRP £1,079.99 £999.99

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