Camping in the dark and cold is no fun. Here at Somerset Camping our range of torches. lanterns. lights and heaters are perfect for you. Whether you're camping off grid and need a Rechargable Battery Lantern or a Campingaz Gas Lamp. or Gas Heater like the Kampa Hottie portable heater. Or have a mains hook up so you could run mains 12v lighting. why not get the perfect option the Khyam 12v LED Nitelight - A remote controlled. Dimmable LED Strip that can be placed in a pre sewn pocket on all Khyam tents or threaded through hanging loops of the bedrooms on other branded tents. Fancy a latenight walk along the beach? With the LED Nightlight you can illuminate your tent and make it easy to find from a distance! We also stock a great range of high performance headlamps and torches from Fenix. which offer immense light or Lumen output but also great build quality

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